Monday, November 09, 2009

Inkosaari - Audio

Finally...the most awaited ..inkosaari audio is released.
Watch the 1st trailor at following link :

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The circle of life

Sometimes you just feel that you have gone through a circle in life and come back to the same place where you were before at certain time. The feeling makes you little confused, little revived, little enthusisatic and little fearful too. What next ? is the question which keeps popping up.
Our mind is also amazing, it takes us with it into the realms which it feels is right. But hmm...there is a gut, the heart which says " stay quiet..have a little patience..everything is fine" just go with the flow. It gives us the glimpses of hope which are hidden behind the clutter of thoughts.Now i decided to clear that clutter and look and energize those hopeful glimpses behind the curtains.Thats where the circle starts again.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Day After yesterday

After getting married, was busy in getting used to the new life with the person who became part of my life. Understanding each other spending time to get to know each other more clearly.
Before marriage itself i was mainly engrossed in my office work and singing.Wasn't networking much though as days used to just pass like flowing water.
Today after a long time, i am trying to revive on my network with people. Thought of staying connected to the world through this small but wonderful medium of blog.
After marriage, the world seems new as if i see it from a different window which is more clearer.I know it must be happening to all newly married but, i am experiencing it NOW.
Wasnt much into writing stuff..but now it feels like its so much enriching to write urself out.Thoughts flowing one after another, picking up the right ones and placing transforming them into words.Wow, feels nice.
The recession period has increased the load and manageability of the work in the office.Have been working really hard to balance my passion and intellectual urge at office.
The song 'Chandamama nuvve' from Arundhati movie is well appreciated by all, as the movie is a big blockbuster. After a stint got a hit on my list. Feels good and uplifting.
I ahve been working hard for the new movie 'Inkosaari.." in which i am playing a unique character as 'vicky'. Acting..Yes, i am acting to Suman (Director of the movie) for his faith in me and his convincing abilities.Its a sweet character, i loved it. Tried to be that as much as i can. Please tell me after you watch it..may be in july. As of no, thats it...will blog more next time...gtg for a meeting.
God bless.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005